People, Etc.

At Start Publishing, Meghan Kilduff has been promoted to associate publisher for the Salvo Press, Night Shade Books, Start Classics and Start Science Fiction imprints. In addition, Natalie Pao has been named production associate for ebooks.

Kate DiCamillo has been named the Library of Congress' next National Ambassador to Young People's Literature, succeeding Walter Dean Myers, who was appointed in 2012. DiCamillo will spend the next two years traveling (including required appearances at the National Book Festival and Children's Book Week) and told the NYT: "It wasn't until my fifth or sixth book where I realized I'm trying to do the same thing in every story I tell, which is bring everybody together in the same room. That's the same thing that I want here: to get as many different people into the room as I can. I don't know that I will resonate with a particular group of kids, but I want to get as many kids and as many adults together reading as I can."

Of DiCamillo's appointment, librarian of Congress James Billington said in a statement: "Kate DiCamillo is not only one of our finest writers for young people, but also an outstanding advocate for the importance of reading."

Danielle Steel has been awarded France's Legion d'honneur, the country's highest honor.

Linda Cannon and Eileen Bertelli are the new owners of Parson Weems Publisher Services, taking over from co-founder Chris Kerr, who will stay on as a partner. Cannon and Bertelli have incorporated as CannonBertelli LLC and will do business as Parson Weems.