Barnes & Noble Launches PubIt with 40 to 65 Percent Royalties

Today Barnes & Noble is opening for their business their previously-announced PubIt! program, allowing individual authors, self-publishers and small publishers to upload their ebooks for direct sale through Nook/BN.

In the press release, they underscore that their program has "clear and competitive terms -- and no hidden fees." BN is offering a royalty/revenue share of 65 percent of list price for titles between $9.99 and $2.99 (slightly lower than Amazon on the surface, though there are no "delivery" charges, no surcharges based on file size, and no provision that BN can lower the price and pay royalty on that basis). And they pay 40 percent of list price on ebooks selling for more than $9.99, as well as $.99 to $2.98 (slightly higher than Amazon's 35%). PubIt ebooks are automatically included in BN's lending and "read in store" programs--whether you like it or not.

The company says that "content will be available for sale within 24 to 72 hours after upload." Barnes & Noble also promises special support for the PubIt titles, including a dedicated bestseller list, "special promotions" in their ebookstore, and additional focus on "select content" in their in e-mails and newsletters.