People, Etc.

At Random House, Inc., Christopher Dufault has been promoted to vp, director, international marketing and British Commonwealth sales.

Fiona Kenshole has joined Transatlantic Literary Agency, where she will represent children's authors and illustrators. Previously she was vp, development acquisition at animation studio Laika and before then, publishing director for OUP Children's.

Random House mentioned at DBW yesterday that they have soft-launched a Facebook app--BookScout--which will be formally announced and ready for outside traffic new Tuesday. Another effort to help improving discovery of new books through one of the internet's most popular platforms, the app provides book recommendations and promises to hone its suggestions the more books and other general interests a Facebook user "likes." It connects to the entire catalog of in-print books, and refers out to multiple retailers. Look for further details next week.

In a fortunate coincidence, today's news is light as we recover and catch up from an exhilarating and by all measures very successful three days of Digital Book World and Publishers Launch Children's conferences. Among other milestones, #DBW13 was featured on Twitter's trending list; you can peruse nearly 10,000 tweets via this Epilogger page.