First and Last

For last-minute planners headed to the Frankfurt Book Fair, you can still enroll for what promises to be a very interesting Publishers Launch conference on Tuesday (from 8:30 to 2:00). And you can still use our code PL13PartnerMC20 to save 20 percent on registration. We have newsmakers Trip Adler of Scribd; Charlie Redmayne of HarperCollins UK; Russ Grandinetti of Amazon; Jonathan Nowell of Nielsen Book; Alan Lau of Wattpad; and Otis Chandler of Goodreads -- plus Ken Brooks, Rebecca Smart, Marcus Leaver, Micah Bowers, Octavio Kulesz and a panel on Germany's emergence as the new market to go digital, with a closing conversation about everything else between PLC's Mike Shatzkin and Michael Cader.

And for those who like to go first, you have until October 7 to buy tickets for the next bigger-than-ever Digital Book World in January 2014 at the lowest prices you will see. Use this special link to get the exclusive additional Publishers Lunch 10 percent discount on conference and total access tickets.