People, Etc.

Mary Beth Roche has been promoted to vp, president and publisher at Macmillan Audio, and will continue to oversee the Quick and Dirty Tips website and podcast business as well as the Macmillan Speakers Bureau.

JK Rowling is suing the Daily Mail for libel over an article from last fall that "misrepresented her comments" about single motherhood and caused her "great distress and embarrassment." According to the Guardian, Rowling believes the Mail story, headlined "How JK Rowling's sob story about her past as a single mother has left the churchgoers who cared for her upset and bewildered", was "premised on a false picture" of her own article published 10 days earlier on the charity website Gingerbread, where Rowling serves as president.

Atria will publish a print version of Colleen Hoover's e-novella FINDING CINDERELLA on March 18 after an intense social media campaign from fans. The publisher said in a statement: "5,000 tweets, hundreds of posts and memes, and a few Harry Connick Jr references later, we've finally announced that we are printing the book. Because you can't smell an e-reader, and [fans'] shelves were lonely."

Two years after his memorable Hierarchy of Book Publishing list, Paul Bogaards' listicle voice has returned to form with a list of actual "things publishers say on bound galleys" accompanied by parentheticals, and a longer and more amusing list of "things publishers should say on galleys and advance reading copies."