People, Etc.

Tisse Takagi has teamed up with The Science Factory as an agent, based in New York, focusing on non-fiction in the areas of biography, food, and music as well as science. She was an editor at Basic Books. It's the first appointment since Peter Tallack, who runs the agency from Hamburg, Germany, founded the company six years ago. He describes the collaboration as an exciting step in extending the company's international reach and intellectual breadth and depth.

Co-ceo of The Carlyle Group David Rubenstein will take over in October as chairman of the James Madison Council, an advisory and fundraising group that helps to guide the Library of Congress. Rubenstein has been a major supporter of the library and its National Book Festival.

The AJA Anna Jarota Agency, based in Paris, recently opened a Polish branch in Warsaw, overseen by Dominika Bojanowska.

On Wednesday afternoon, the National Book Foundation announced the five winners of their Innovations In Reading prizes, supporting "individuals and institutions that have developed innovative means of creating and sustaining a lifelong love of reading."