Einhorn to Join Flatiron Books, "Now A Full-Spectrum New Publishing Company"

Macmillan and Flatiron Books have now announced what we couldn't put on the record in May when reporting Amy Einhorn's impending departure from Putnam because none of the principals would confirm it at the time. She will join Flatiron Books as svp and publisher on July 21.

Macmillan ceo John Sargent notes that "Flatiron Books, with Bob Miller's great expertise in non-fiction and Amy's great talent in fiction, is now a full-spectrum new publishing company with tremendous potential." Miller, Flatiron's president, says in the announcement, "While our original plan was to publish non-fiction, forming this partnership offers us an irresistible way to expand." He adds, "Amy will continue to do what she does so well—find books that hit that sweet spot between literary and commercial—but with a larger canvas, hiring a staff of fiction editors who will acquire the best new voices." Einhorn adds: "It's a tremendous opportunity to create the industry's next great publishing house.”