People, Etc.

Jon Klassen's This is Not My Hat has won the UK's Kate Greenaway medal, and Kevin Brooks' The Bunker Diary was awarded the Carnegie medal. (The latter is not available in the US, which may present an opportunity -- though it took a decade to publish this book about a kidnapped boy held hostage in a bunker, which the Telegraph calls an "unremittingly bleak account.")

Pat Strachan is no longer an editor at Little, Brown, where she worked since 2002, following the layoffs earlier this month. She can be reached at

Kelly Rudolph has joined Harper as a publicity director, reporting to Shelby Meizlik. She was at Amy Einhorn Books and Putnam.

Co-owner of UK printer Butler Tanner & Dennis, magazine publisher and author Felix Dennis, 67, died on Sunday following a "long and painful battle with cancer." A statement from his office, says: "Felix was a publishing legend, famed for his maverick and entrepreneurial style and, more lately, a successful and much loved poet. He will be greatly missed."

Emily Bestler Books and the estate of the late Vince Flynn have commissioned thriller writer Kyle Mills to finish Flynn's uncompleted novel, The Survivor, and Mills will also write two more books featuring Flynn's Mitchell Rapp character. Flynn died just over a year ago at 47, from prostate cancer.

Ed Klein's BLOOD FEUD, publishing tomorrow, includes thin but sensational allegations that Hillary Clinton has an unspecified "underlying heart problem" with tests finding a "heart rhythm and heart valves [that] were not normal." He also alleges she "had an intrinsic tendency to form clots and faint."

Writer's Digest is said to have terminated its relationship with the Author Solutions-run self-publishing line Abbott Press.